Sakura and the Magical Sword (100% AI-Generated Short Story)

This is my first attempt at creating a short story video using 100% artificial intelligence to generate the audio, video, and images. 

Synthesia Generated the Avatar Video & Audio Dialogue:… 

OpenAI (Dalle-2) Generated the Images: 

OpenAI (GPT-3, text-davinci-002) Generated the Story: 

Unity Asset Store for sound effects:…

I trained a text-davinchi-002 model to input a Genre, Location, Period, and Modifier using the tutorial and Python project files at    • Finetuning GPT-3 …  . Below was my GPT-3 input, and the story in the video was the output response. Genre: High Fantasy Location: Japan Period: The Distant Future Modifier: Supernatural & Otherworldly GPT-3’s text-davinchi-003 and ChatGPT have now been released, which are much more powerful than text-davinchi-002, so better and longer stories can now be created without even needing to train a model. If trained with text-davinchi-003, it would probably create much better stories than on its own. To learn how to automate tasks & develop apps using Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning.


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