Sakura and the Magical Sword 100% AI Generated Short Story

Sakura and the Magical Sword

This is my first attempt at creating a short story video using 100% artificial intelligence to generate the audio, video, and images.

Synthesia Generated the Avatar Video & Audio Dialogue:

Dalle-2 (OpenAI) Generated the Images:

Text-Davinci-002 (OpenAI’s GPT-3) Generated the Story:

I trained a text-davinchi-002 model to input a Genre, Location, Period, and Modifier using the tutorial and Python project files at Below was my GPT-3 input, and the story in the video was the output response.

OpenAI’s Prompt (Input):

Genre: High Fantasy
Location: Japan
Period: The Distant Future
Modifier: Supernatural & Otherworldly

OpenAI’s Response (Output):


Sakura and the Magical Sword

In a distant future, Japan is a land of great natural beauty and supernatural mystery. The people live in harmony with the land and nature, and have great respect for the natural world.

One day, a young woman named Sakura is out walking in the woods when she comes across a strange and beautiful tree. She is immediately drawn to it and feels a sense of calm and peace.

As she stands there, she hears a voice calling out to her from the tree. It tells her that she is the chosen one and that she must embark on a great journey. The voice tells her that she must go to the top of the tallest mountain in the land and retrieve a magical sword.

Sakura is hesitant at first, but she agrees to embark on the journey. She sets out across the land, encountering many challenges along the way. Finally, she reaches the mountain and begins to climb.

As she nears the top, she begins to feel a great sense of urgency. She knows that she must find the sword before it's too late.

Finally, she reaches the top and finds the sword. As she takes it in her hands, she feels a great power coursing through her. She knows that she is now ready for whatever challenges may come her way.

The story ends with Sakura setting out on her next great journey, armed with the magical sword. We know that she will face many challenges along the way, but we also know that she will be ready for them.

AI Stack


Generated the Avatar Video & Audio Dialogue


OpenAI (Dalle-2) Generated the Images and OpenAI (GPT-3, text-davinci-002) Generated the Story​


Generated Images (Aspect Ratio 3:2, v4 Upscale)

Adobe Premiere Pro

For Editing​

Envanto Elements

For Premiere Pro Titles & Transitions

Gallery Coder Fairy

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